No-Nonsense Workout Rules For Mr. Mom

If you’re a stay at home Dad it might be hard to find time to go to the gym or workout...or even find resources for healthy meals your kids will eat. It's super easy to get bogged down with children and not make time for yourself. Below are some of the amazing ways that you can still make time for yourself, include a workout, as well as nutrition and healthy meals, and still take care of the kids.


Home Workouts

If you don't have time to find a babysitter for the kids, or a gym is too expensive -  you should check out home workout programs. Their loads of programs that now offer what they consider on-demand services. That means that you buy a gym membership online, and you can use it on any television or device in your home.  This is a great way to get workouts at home by a personal trainer. You can join any program you'd like online and it will be cheaper than a year-long membership at any gym in your surrounding area. That's because you pay the gym membership all at once and you get the workouts delivered straight to you.


Get Supplement Happy

Supplements are a great way to also supplement nutrition. Many times we don't get enough protein in our diets. Often times people that follow keto diets don't follow the fact that it should be lean protein and not a lot of fat. Well you might have read that the keto diet is using fat in order to burn calories and sugar, it doesn't mean that you should eat a lot of artery-clogging fat from animal proteins. A great way to get supplement happy and add protein to your diet is with a protein shake from GNC. not all protein shakes are created equal, so it might be a good idea to talk to the professionals at GNC and ask them what their opinion is on protein. You'll have to explain to them exactly what you want the protein for, and they will be able to better assist you. You can also get supplements from GNC for Less when you click on the link above and check out the coupon codes on Groupon.


Nutrition Is Key

You might be the one preparing the meals every night of the week, so you should choose things that maybe the kids will like. It shouldn't be beyond you to get down with some chicken nuggets every once in awhile. You can buy chicken nuggets that are gluten-free or made it whole grains. Just remember that you should include a healthy side or a salad with that meal. You could also make gluten-free chicken nuggets on your own. Simply use something like Chex rice cereal as the breading. Simply food process or Ninja Bullet a cup of Chex Mix and that's your breading for your hormone-free chicken. Other recipes like this can be found online that are kid-friendly and Mr. Mom approved.